Release Candidate 4

9 08 2009

In the run-up to my RITA next month, I have found another minor error in a Form.

The Pacing data entry form has an incorrect link for the haemothorax complication.  It has been corrected in RC4.

Either download RC4 (usual location) and copy your tables across, or edit the form yourself if you know how.  For those who want to edit themselves, it takes 10 seconds:

  • Right-click Data Entry – Pacing & Devices Form -> Edit
  • Right-click the tick-box to the right of “Haemothorax” -> Control
  • Data tab -> Change Data field to “1htx”
  • Close “Properties: Tick Box”
  • Save Form (click on Disk icon)
  • Save Database (click on Disk icon)
  • All done!

I hope this can be considered a final release.