Release Candidate 3

20 06 2009

A further few minor tweaks following my recent appraisal.

I realised that the Summary Forms don’t all quite look right due to space on the page, so I have moved a few boxes around, and shortened some abbreviations.

Download from the usual place…

If you are already using RC1, you should be able to cut and paste your tables into the new RC.


Logbook Release Candidate

8 06 2009

I think it’s finished!

I’ve been using it to keep track of my logbook entries for a few months, and while I haven’t yet had my RITA to give it a full test, I think I have ironed out all the bugs.

It’s been uploaded as LogbookRC1.odb to the usual place.

The next update will hopefully not be until my RITA in September, just to confirm everything works as expected.  I am looking at how to have a list of non-standard procedures, such as EP etc, with a simple manual text entry form and a list; this may make an appearance in the future.