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14 01 2009

This is a diary of my latest attempt at a Logbook for UK Cardiology trainees (SpR / StR).  I am using OpenOffice Base as the database tool.




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14 01 2009

That’s sound great!
I will try to follow.

1 04 2009
Dr M M Khan

Gr8 idea, thanks for your help.

6 05 2009
Phillip F

Hari, this is great, can i ask stupid question…

Can you open “open office” on microsoft.

Also how will this work with pocket pc??


7 05 2009

Open Office is cross platform, but you need the software to use it one Windows. And it is available as a standalone application for USB stick.
Unfortunately, I have not found an easy way to use it with a Pocket PC yet.

9 02 2010
phillip F

Hi Hari,
I found one bug and have one suggestion
Bug is the counter for the number of cases in the angio/pci front-end. Whilst I have say 150 cases and I can see them all, when the page is first opened it says I only have 31.


More detail for PCI procedures ie

medina classification box
Acute, stable, rescue, primary, cardiogenic shock etc
devices used
IVUS, export, laser (yeah right), heart rail etc

Hope your well and happy


9 02 2010

Not encountered that bug – but not used the PCI logbook much. I’ll check it out.
I’ll maybe change the Elcetive / Urgent / Emergency options to your Stable / Acute etc – although that may effect existing data.
I’ll add the extra complex PCI devices at the next revision which hopefully won’t be too far away.
Medina – won’t that require a per lesion logbook rather than a per patient one? Not sure how to make that easily entered into the database. Will scratch my head a bit about that one….
Cheers for the feedback though.

5 04 2010

i hope to get the logbook in cardiology to make it a guide for me in my qualification.

11 11 2012

Thats great effort

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