My Original Logbook

14 01 2009

I have published a previous Cardiology Logbook; it was based on the BCS Logbook available when I got my Regisrar (SpR) NTN in 2006.  That logbook failed to include basic investigations and procedures (e.g. ETT, DCCV etc), but more importantly, omitted 1st or 2nd operator status for angiography.  Having been told that this was important information at my first RITA, I set about creating a personal logbook to satisfy my criteria.

At the time, I had just bought a new Windows Mobile 5 PDA, so I designed a database using Grandasoft’s database; it was the best free PDA database tool I could find.  It downloaded to the original BCS Logbook intitially for the purposes of printing out summaries for the RITA.  Given that logbook’s shortcomings, I decided to design my own in Microsoft Access 2003.  This was a success, and has served me well until now; I have had no concerns raised at my 2 subsequent RITAs.




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