Drop-down Option Boxes

14 01 2009

Trying to create the Data Entry Forms now.

Text boxes are easy; the Form Wizard creates them for you.  I just use the Wizard, and then copy and paste into my custom form.  Tick boxes are the same; the spacebar is used to tick / untick on a form, which I think is actually faster than using drop-down Yes / No options.

However, for Sex, Vascular Access and Procedure Urgency, I really need to use drop-down boxes with options.  Unfortunately, the “Replace with List Box” menu option doesn’t work (unless you can write SQL statements for the drop-down list of options).

The problem is that the options available from the drop-down (List Box) have to be specified in a Table.  Additionally, you can’t specify all the different List Box options in one table, since this introduces empty options.  For example, the Sex drop-down only has 2 options, compared to 6 options for the Vascular Access drop-down; this introduces 4 empty options in the Sex drop-down, which, while not terrible, makes it seem less professional.

Hence, I have created a separate Table for every drop-down List Box I am going to use.  Cluttering up my Tables page, but it’s only really the Forms page that users will need to see.

Each Option table has a Primary Key, which are exactly identical to contents in the main table (and are therefore linked); they also have a Selection Option, which will appear in the drop-down.  When inserting the List Box, the Option Table is selected as Control, the Choice as Display Field and then the Value Table field and List Table ID field are linked (matched).

This information – thanks go to showmedo




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