Angio DB – Summary Form

14 01 2009

I have made a start…

I’ve decided to try and get a combined angiography and PCI database done, since it is tiresome to enter the same patient details in twice for those “and proceed” cases.

So far, my task has been to ensure that a sensible summary Form can be created for presentation at the RITA.  I’ll deal with data entry later.

Given I already have data from my old logbook that I will want to potentially transfer across, I have kept some now redundant columns in the data table.  I don’t think that matters, but once I’ve completed it, and converted my existing data, I may edit them out.

I have recognised a couple of problems, that I have yet to resolve:

  1. The age range specified in the Summary Form includes both diagnostic and PCI patients; I can’t seem to be able to run a query on a selected population.
  2. If a patient has a diagnostic and PCI procedure, and subsequently suffers a complication, that complication will be reported in both summaries; I could resolve this by only counting diagnostic complications in those patients who do not have PCI (i.e. a complication for a “diagnostic and proceed” patient will appear only in the PCI summary).

This version is AngioDB6 copy.odb in the Downloads page.




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